May 31 - June 2, Queen Margaret University


New Places, Spaces, and Faces:
Exploring Possibilities and Crossing Borders

This year's annual conference will take place May 31 - June 2, 2017 at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh, Scotland. 

This conference will provide a platform for cross-cultural examination of the variety of contexts in which arts practitioners, researchers, managers, and administrators operate. New practices and organizational models are rapidly changing the way art is made, supported, experienced, and delivered in markets around the globe. The event will make space for comparison, co-learning, and exchange on these emergent issues and the ways they are being tackled in local, national, and international contexts.

Attendees will explore complex questions in arts and cultural management research and practice, celebrate the internationalization and cultural immersion involved in the discipline, and build their networks across continents. The 2017 conference is a unique opportunity to refresh perspectives, collaborate with colleagues from all over the world, and explore areas of interest in new and invigorating ways.


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2017 Programming Committee

Katy Coy, Association of Arts Administration Educators

Lesley-Ann Dickson, Queen Margaret University

Linda Essig, Arizona State University

David Stevenson, Queen Margaret University

Ximena Varela, American University