Performing Arts Enterprise Advanced Graduate Certificate

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Boston University

Through an exciting new partnership with Nederlander Worldwide Entertainment, the Arts Administration Program is now offering a new advanced certificate program to train arts professionals who wish to work in the commercial performing arts. Nederlander Worldwide Entertainment is a member of the Nederlander companies, which own and/or operate some of the world’s greatest theaters, produce and present premier entertainment, and serve as consultants and talent bookers both for their own facilities and other renowned entertainment venues in the US and abroad. This advanced certificate program provides early and mid-career performing arts professionals with the opportunity to gain advanced training in the development and production of commercial performing arts productions. Classes are taught at Boston University by leading practitioners from New York’s Broadway theater industry, and include site visits to New York City where students will interact with leading figures in the commercial art world. Students will gain skills in managing commercial arts venues, securing and developing commercial productions, engaging with new technologies and innovative partnerships, and programming performing arts productions. Students will complete an intensive internship with a commercial performing arts enterprise in either the US or international market. The certificate is open to both domestic and international applicants, and can be completed in a single calendar year. Performing Arts Enterprise Certificate courses are also open to students enrolled in the MS in Arts Administration. Students enrolled in the certificate have access to all the resources of the department and the University. The certificate is open to qualified applicants who have earned a bachelor’s degree from a fully accredited college or university in the United States or abroad. All candidates for admission are selected on the basis of undergraduate transcripts, academic and personal references, and related work experience.

Goals and Objectives

Founded at Boston University’s Metropolitan College in 1993, the Arts Administration master’s degree and graduate certificates emphasize excellence, creativity, economic problem solving, internationalism, and a commitment to the technologies of our age as core values in its curriculum.

The socioeconomic and political challenges of the day bring a renewed importance to the work of cultural entrepreneurs, artists, producers, curators, policy-makers, and administrators who embrace the challenge of re-thinking and re-shaping the fundamentals of contemporary society. Our students are prepared for the global responsibilities of the arts in the twenty-first century, and are eager to play leadership roles within visual arts, performing arts, and arts service organizations in public, private, and nonprofit sectors worldwide.


The certificate consists of five graduate courses for a total of 20 credits, as listed below.

Courses: (Five courses/20 credits)
MET AR 751 Commercial Production: The Broadway Model
MET AR 752 Leadership and Entrepreneurship in the Commercial Performing Arts
MET AR 753 Current Trends in the Performing Arts Industry
MET AR 754 Global Performing Arts Presenting
MET AR 802 Internship in Arts Administration I/MET AR 803 Internship in Arts Administration II

Transfer of Credits to Degree Program:
Upon completion of the certificate, interested students may apply for admission to the Master of Science in Arts Administration degree program. If accepted, all successfully completed credits earned toward the certificate may be applied toward degree requirements.


All students must have a baccalaureate degree; students are also expected to have a demonstrable, discipline-based expertise in one art area, usually satisfied by an undergraduate degree in the arts but it is possible to document expertise by alternative means. Candidates are selected on the basis of undergraduate transcripts, academic and personal references, and interviews; international students must have a TOEFL minimum score of 84 or a 6.5 in IELTS.