The Association of Arts Administration Educators opposes racism in all of its forms and manifestations, and we are committed to combating the systemic and institutional racism that permeates American society. We believe it is our responsibility to protect the rights of Black and all people of color in our schools, programs, organizations, and communities.

Combating the dark forces of racism and entrenched racist institutions and practices is going to take our collective efforts. We are here in community, in solidarity, in our shared commitments to racial and social justice. We are here to keep doing the work, together in humility, to combat racism and discriminatory practices not only across the country but in our own field. We are here to hold each other up and hold each other accountable, in, and through these especially dark moments.

In our commitment to become an anti-racist organization, we are taking steps to:

  • Examine our standards of education through an anti-racist lens, to eliminate racist and exclusionary language and practices
  • Face the injustices we have been part of perpetuating in the past, and conduct our work in a way that makes us accountable to a higher standard
  • Listen to and learn from criticisms of our history and practices
  • Share our knowledge base and expertise to support anti-racist work in all of our member institutions and programs

There is much work to do. We invite you all to join us in building a future where all of our students, alumni, faculty, and staff -- indeed, all of our fellow human beings -- can live their lives to the fullest and without fear.

The Board and Staff of AAAE

Lee Ann Adams, Executive Director, AAAE

Haley Carlson, Programs & Operations Manager, AAAE

Karen Chandler, Associate Professor and Director, Graduate Certificate in Arts and Cultural Management, College of Charleston

Diane Claussen, Head of Theatre Management, The Theatre School at DePaul University

Aaron P. Dworkin, Professor of Arts Leadership & Entrepreneurship School of Music, Theatre & Dance, University of Michigan

Lawrence Epstein, Vice President, Association of Arts Administration Educators, Teaching Professor and Director of Special Projects, Westphal College Drexel University

Fleurette S. Fernando, Director, MA Program in Arts Leadership Instructional Assistant Professor
Kathrine G. McGovern College of the Arts University of Houston

Anne Frost, Program Coordinator, Graduate Certificate program in Arts Administration - Cultural Management. School of Creative and Performing Arts, Humber College

Ana Gaio, PhD, Centre for Culture and Creative Industries City, University of London (UK)

Daniel T. Green, PhD, Director, Master of Entertainment Industry Management Carnegie Mellon University

Julie Goodman, Associate Professor and Department Head, Arts & Entertainment Enterprise Drexel University

Maria Rosario Jackson, Ph.D., Institute Professor, Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts Professor, Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions Director, Studio for Creativity, Place and Equitable Communities Arizona State University

Yuha Jung, PhD, Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies Department of Arts Administration
University of Kentucky

Kevin Maifeld, Founding Director & Professor, Arts Leadership Seattle University

Jim O’Connell, Treasurer, Association of Arts Administration Educators Assistant Professor / Arts Management Coordinator University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

Sharbreon Plummer, PhD, Consultant, Artist

Ximena Varela, President, Association of Arts Administration Educators Associate Professor and Director, Arts Management Program American University


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