AAAE advances an inclusive, equitable, and resilient environment for the arts by supporting arts administration education faculty and programs and serving as a hub for knowledge.


We envision a world in which arts administrators are effective, responsive and proactive stewards of arts and culture who reflect the communities they serve. Their development as creative professionals is grounded in scholarship and practice.


Equity and Inclusion
We work to achieve equity and inclusion, seek global perspectives, and value representation from the communities we serve in both our membership and our student bodies. We recognize that we have arrived as colleagues in this field by a variety of paths, honor the insights each of us offers, and we respect the structural differences among the programs we represent.

We believe in building a strong network of educators wherein they can generously share and discuss insights, pedagogical techniques, and research findings. We foster collaboration and professional development, support our members in defining success, and champion excellence in the field. Sharing our learning and progress with the field strengthens arts organizations, policy, and practice.

Ethical Practice
We believe in sound management, good governance, and ethical practices in the arts. As an organization, we strive to model the principles of accountability, transparency, accessibility, equity, respect, and love of arts and culture.

We champion arts and culture as indispensable to a thriving economy and society by conveying the value of arts administration as an academic discipline and as a profession.

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