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Bachelor in Arts in Arts and Entertainment Business

Students will integrate management strategies based on knowledge of the industry, its context, and the latest trends. They will develop decision-making skills, teamwork and creative thinking for the creation of management strategies. These skills are developed through topics relevant to the industry, including legal aspects, business models, marketing, finance, and administration. As part of the program, students will apply knowledge in areas such as sports management, the music industry, and the art business, among others. Graduates will have the opportunity to work in multiple roles in companies and organizations in the arts, entertainment, and creative industries, as well as create their own projects in these areas.

Goals and Objectives

1. Strengthen fundamental management skills, in areas such as finance, marketing, and operations, for the development of projects and companies in the arts and entertainment sector and in the creative industries.
2. Facilitate the identification of business models and marketing strategies adapted to the digital and innovation environment in the industry.
3. Promote the analysis of the latest trends in the business of art, entertainment, and creative industries to be integrated into the decision-making of companies.
4. Promote an ethical sense through the integration of inclusion, equity, and diversity strategies in business management.
5. Facilitate the incorporation of sustainability elements into the management of art and entertainment companies.
6. Strengthen the development and presentation of plans, projects and/or companies aimed at diverse audiences.
7. Promote the use of technological tools to support decision-making in art, entertainment, and creative industries companies.
8. Promote the identification of entrepreneurship and innovation opportunities in the different sectors of the arts and entertainment industry.
9. Promote strategic decision making through the integration of organizational, financial, and marketing aspects.


This curriculum allows the student to develop basic knowledge and skills about the industry, its trends and the different profiles that comprise it. Then, in the second and third year, the student is exposed to different areas of opportunity in the industry, such as the music, sports, and visual arts sectors. In their final year, the student integrates knowledge with more advanced areas such as business models, ethical issues, and contemporary issues affecting the art and entertainment industry.


General admission requirements for the University apply for this program.


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