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Arts Management & Arts Entrepreneurship

The Arts Management & Arts Entrepreneurship major allows students to apply arts and business thinking to real-world arts business challenges in an increasingly competitive arts environment. Students will develop knowledge and skills to lead not-for-profit or for-profit enterprises in the creative economy. They will also gain an understanding of all the possible career opportunities in the arts and creative economy. The major is designed to maximize students’ transferable skills so that they are able to navigate an uncertain future. Graduates are also well equipped to pursue various graduate programs in the arts, business, entrepreneurship, and creative enterprise. Students seeking the Arts Management & Arts Entrepreneurship major may not also earn the Arts Management co-major, the Arts Management minor, or the Arts Entrepreneurship minor.

Goals and Objectives

SLO #1
Identify the essential entrepreneurial and business functions in an arts or creative enterprise.
SLO #2
Demonstrate progressing experimentation in one or more art forms.
SLO #3
Demonstrate increasing proficiency in critical thinking, creative thinking, collaboration, and communication.
SLO #4
Generate arts or creative enterprise projects that integrate arts, arts management & arts entrepreneurship, and business concepts.
SLO #5
Create and design an innovative arts management &arts; entrepreneurship portfolio that demonstrates learning.


For the major, students take the following core curriculum plus 15 credits of Arts Expertise and 15 credits of Business Expertise.

CCA 101 The Entrepreneurial Artist (2 or 3)
CCA 111 Creativity, Innovation, and Design Thinking (3)
CCA 200 Practicum (1 credit, repeatable)
CCA 201 Introduction to Arts Management (3)
CCA 202 Introduction to Music Business (3)
CCA 220 Arts Management and Arts Entrepreneurship Studio 1 (2)
CCA 302 Arts Marketing and Engagement (3)
CCA 304 Finance and Development in the Arts (3)
CCA 306 Arts Entrepreneurship (3)
CCA 308 Arts Policy and Advocacy (3)
CCA 320 Arts Management and Arts Entrepreneurship Studio 2 (2)
CCA 340 Internship (0-3)
CCA 401 Strategic Innovation in the Arts (3)
CCA 410 Special Topics in Creative Arts (3)
CCA 420 Arts Management and Arts Entrepreneurship Studio 3 (2)


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