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Established in 1997, the Arts Management Program at the College of Charleston is the only such program in South Carolina and one of the largest in the South Atlantic region to offer undergraduate study with a major and a minor in arts management, an optional concentration in the music industry, and a graduate certificate in Arts and Cultural Management. The Program is uniquely situated in a vibrant city with a flourishing arts community. Students have numerous opportunities for internships, career networking, independent studies, and special projects. In addition, our faculty members all have strong professional connections and broad experience – both regionally and nationally – within the arts. One of the top ten largest undergraduate majors at the College of Charleston, the Arts Management Program program offers an academic field of study as well as a career path for those interested in supporting the work of performing, visual, and media artists in nonprofit and for-profit arts and cultural organizations. Students learn broad management and administrative skills and apply those skills in their work with artists and arts institutions.

Goals and Objectives

The Arts Management Program at the College of Charleston prepares students for careers in the rapidly evolving creative sector through a comprehensive program of academic and experiential learning. The multidisciplinary curriculum reinforces the College of Charleston’s liberal arts tradition while emphasizing management, communication, and innovation in the arts.


The College of Charleston offers a BA in Arts Management to students who successfully complete 122 credit hours of study including 56 credit hours of general education requirements, 45 credit hours of Arts Management major requirements, and 21 credit hours of elective courses. To broaden each student's interests and to develop career flexibility, students in the Arts Management Program are encouraged to double major or minor in another academic program of their choice.

Major course requirements in Arts Management include: Introduction to Arts Management * Strategic Planning in the Arts * Principles of Macroeconomics * Principles of Microeconomics * Financial Accounting * Arts Financial Management * Understanding Creativity * Fund Raising and Grant Writing * Arts Marketing and Public Relations * Legal Environment of Business * Policy in the Arts * Arts Management Internship * Nine credit hours of arts electives (see the Course Catalog for details.)

Music industry concentration requirements include: Introduction to the Music Industry * History of the Recording Industry * Presenting the Performing Arts * Music in the Marketplace * Legal Aspects of the Entertainment Industry * Music Industry Internship

Graduate certificate requirements include: Leading Arts and Cultural Organizations in a Global Society * The Patron-based Arts Organization * Managing Arts and Cultural Resources * Data Management and Cloud-based Technologies for Arts and Cultural Organizations * Arts Education, Community Engagement, and Advocacy


Any student who is admitted to the College of Charleston and who maintains an acceptable grade point average will be accepted and retained in the Arts Management Program. Information about admission to the College of Charleston is available by contacting:

Office of Admissions
College of Charleston
66 George Street
Charleston, SC 29424
Telephone: (843) 953-5670

College Charleston

College of Charleston

Dr. Karen Chandler

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 843.953.6301

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