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Professional Certificate in Arts Management

Goals and Objectives

This certificate is ideal for those interested in a full spectrum of training, from core (Fundraising, Marketing, and Financial Management) to advanced skills.

Course work is shaped around case studies that have you working with arts organizations in real-time to craft action plans they can implement. The work is based on the course, i.e. Marketing, Programming, Fundraising, etc. and gives you the opportunity to build your skill set and portfolio simultaneously.


You may choose from any of the courses listed below. If new to the field, some courses are recommended, but you should feel free to tailor your certificate to meet your needs, experience, and areas of interest.

Introduction to Arts Management (recommended)
Arts Fundraising (recommended)
Arts Marketing (recommended)
Arts Programming
Board Development
Creative Economy and Placemaking
Cultural Equity in the Arts
Cultural Policy and Advocacy
Financial Management in the Arts (recommended)
Grantwriting for the Arts
Greening Your Nonprofit Arts Organization
Strategic Planning

Introduction to Arts Management may be a required course depending on your level of experience.

If you would like any assistance designing your program of study, please contact us at [email protected] or 413-545-2360.


No application process necessary.

If pursuing the Core or Professional Certificate, once you have completed your required number of classes please request your certificate using the form below and return it to our office at [email protected].

Note: Foundations in Arts Entrepreneurship will only count towards the Professional Certificate, not the Core Certificate.

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