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Arts Management

Pursuing an Arts Management major not only prepares individuals to explore their own performance careers, but also to manage arts organizations, companies, and facilities. Students who select this major are attractive to a wide range of businesses. Majors combine the creativity, collaboration, and confidence that is cultivated by involvement in the arts with industry-specific business skills and knowledge to become individuals who are highly marketable in the business and performance world.

Goals and Objectives

Program Learning Outcomes:
1. Demonstrate individual artistic growth
2. Articulate and analyze foundational artistic principles within a historical & cultural context
3. Develop a plan to manage a career in the arts
4. Plan and execute arts events
5. Practice marketing for the arts
6. Engage diverse communities with the arts
7. Develop funding strategies for the arts


Required Courses (36-38 credits):
AMM100 Intro to Arts Management
THE111 Arts Technology
ACC105 Essentials of Accounting
MKT142 Principles of Marketing
FIN200 Essentials of Finance
BUS360 Business Ethics
MKT348 Marketing Communications
MGT326 Entrepreneurship
BUS302 Organizational Leadership
BUS351 Nonprofit Law and Governance
BUS321 Grant Writing and Resource Development
MGT422 Project Management
AMM499/490 Internship OR Capstone

Required Arts Credits (18 Credits):
Students choose from a list of Music, Theatre, Art, and Dance courses OR complete a Theatre or Studio Arts Concentration

Theatre Concentration (18 credits):
Theatre Concentration may be taken in place of the Required Arts Credits
THE100 Intro to Theatre
THE115 Costume and Makeup Design
THE202 Fundamentals of Acting
THE290 Directing I
THE310 Theatre History I
THE320 Theatre History II

Studio Arts Concentration (18 credits):
Studio Arts Concencentration may be taken in place of the Required Arts Credits
Art 100 Intro to Drawing
Art 131/133 Ceramics Handbuilding OR Empty Bowls
Art 150 Intro to Painting
Art 180 Intro to Graphic Design
Art 201 Art History I
Art 202 Art History II


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