BA in Arts and Entertainment Mangement

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Eastern Michigan University

Arts and Entertainment Management graduates follow careers in both the for-profit and nonprofit arts sectors, such as marketing, fundraising, new venture creation, touring & festival management, event planning, arts agent, art gallery manager, public relations and much more. The Arts and Entertainment Management major provides career training and practical experience for those with a passion for the arts and business.

Goals and Objectives

Outcome 1: Students will demonstrate the ability to express oneself, both aurally and written in a variety of forms related to the field of arts management and administration.
Outcome 2: Students will implement core concepts of community cultural development in practical situations by using applied learning.
Outcome 3: Students will develop critical and creative thinking skills and apply them to classroom, community and professional projects.
Outcome 4: Students will identify and understand effective methods of organizational development.
Outcome 5: Students will have the capacity to advocate based on research and critical analyses of public policy issues in arts and culture.
Outcome 6: Students will demonstrate fundamental knowledge in a variety of art and business practices.


BA Requirements 51 Credit Hours


Any student who is admitted to Eastern Michigan University and who maintains an acceptable grade point average will be accepted and retained in the Arts & Entertainment Management program.

Any admitted undergraduate student may choose this minor. (22-24 credits of Arts Management and Business courses. Students may choose to include a professional internship as part of their program of study.)

Eastern Michigan University

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