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Behind every arts and culture organization is a leader who connects artists with audiences and manages the organization’s daily operations. In the Arts Management bachelor’s degree program at Columbia College Chicago, you’ll learn how to manage and lead creative organizations. You’ll take management courses on topics such as cultural policy, law for the creative industries, and talent management. In practicum courses, you’ll collaborate with your classmates to plan and manage live projects, which include events, exhibitions, and performances. You’ll meet arts management professionals and visit Chicago’s cultural institutions and businesses as part of your course work. And you’ll have opportunities to join teams at festivals, galleries, and startups throughout the city.

Goals and Objectives

To succeed, all great artists, performers and athletes need business partners, managers, agents, strategic leaders, marketers, and entrepreneurs.

Business and Entrepreneurship programs develop professionals in Music Business Management, Live and Performing Arts Management, Media Management, Film Business Management, Sports Management, Visual Arts Management, Arts Management, Design Management, International Arts Management, Marketing, and Advanced Management.

Our students learn by doing. They work, for college credit, in student-managed and student- staffed ventures. These include two record labels, a talent agency, an online distribution company, a publishing firm, a gallery, a nightclub, and a marketing agency.

Working faculty, a global alumni network, and internship and study abroad opportunities will prepare you for entertainment industry work or graduate study in business or law.

Successful Arts Management graduates should be able to:

Understand the fundamentals of managing creative organizations and professionals.
Apply critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills to the entrepreneurial management of the creative sectors.
Analyze trends, opportunities, and challenges to compete successfully in a rapidly changing global environment.
Lead the next generation of creative ventures.
Launch self-sustaining creative careers.


The Bachelor of Arts in Arts Management is designed to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and experience to manage arts and cultural organizations and creative endeavors. The Arts Management core curriculum provides a solid foundation of essential current business skills and practices within the context of a global cultural environment. The three concentrations allow student to further focus on their particular area of interest: Creative Industries, Performing Arts Management or Visual Arts Management. The program bridges theory and practice throughout the curriculum and culminates in a capstone practicum or internship.

As a result of successfully completing program requirements, students should be able to:

apply fundamental business skills and acumen in the management of cultural organizations and creative endeavors;
employ critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills to the entrepreneurial development of cultural and creative endeavors;
analyze trends, opportunities, and challenges in cultural and creative organizations in a global and technological environment;
manage discipline-specific projects, events, performances, or exhbitions that reflect current industry practices; and
assess how the business practices of arts organizations and the creative industries can be responsive to issues of diversity, equity and inclusion.
PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS - 48 credits required
Major Core Courses
BUSE 101 Introduction to Marketing
BUSE 105 Introduction to Management and Entrepreneurship
BUSE 109 Information Management
BUSE 201 Accounting
BUSE 205 Law for Creative Industries
BUSE 208 Business Writing
BUSE 210 Economics for Creatives
BUSE 303 Finance
BUSE 308 Entrepreneurship
BUSE 312 Organizational Behavior
BUSE 325 Cultural Policy
Arts Management: Creative Industries
Required for the Concentration:
BUSE 150 Business of Media
BUSE 318 International Arts Management
BUSE 334 Digital Media Strategies
BUSE 488 Events Management: Practicum

Choose one of the following courses:
BUSE 311 Strategic Management
BUSE 314 Project Management
Arts Management: Film Business
Required for the Concentration:
BUSE 155 Business of Film and TV
BUSE 248 Talent Management
BUSE 373 Film Marketing
BUSE 479 Executive Producing for Film and TV: Practicum

Choose one of the following courses:
BUSE 332 Managing and Licensing Intellectual Property
BUSE 381 Box Office Management and Ticketing Strategies
Arts Management: Performing Arts
Required for the Concentration:
BUSE 170 Business of Performing Arts
BUSE 207 Nonprofit Management in the Creative Industries
BUSE 381 Box Office Management and Ticketing Strategies
BUSE 385 Presenting the Performing Arts

Choose one of the following courses:
BUSE 487 Club Management: Practicum
BUSE 488 Events Management: Practicum
Arts Management: Visual Arts Management
Required for the Concentration:
BUSE 125 Business of Visual Arts
BUSE 323 Exhibition Management
ARTH 315 Art Theory Seminar

Choose one of the following courses:
BUSE 207 Nonprofit Management in the Creative Industries
BUSE 215 Artists and the Art Market

Choose one of the following courses:
BUSE 480 Curatorial Practicum
BUSE 481 Gallery Management: Practicum
BUSE 415 Cultural Heritage Management: Visitor Engagement


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