Arts, Cultural Management, & Museum Studies

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Michigan State University

The Arts & Cultural Management and Museums Studies Program consists of two undergraduate minors (ACM, Museum Studies) and three graduate offerings (M.A. in ACM&MS, graduate certificate in MS, graduate certificate in ACM). Our program uniquely combines museum studies and arts management curricula, and as such draws diverse cohorts of students from across the performing arts, visual arts, and music, but also from the sciences, history, anthropology, and more. At each stage of the program, we are committed to fostering the perspective that management offers an opportunity to engage with people, and to make a difference in community well-being. To this end, we connect our students with a rich network of experienced faculty and professional mentors who are immersed in the world of arts and museums.

Goals and Objectives

Our values-driven program gives you the tools to be a reflective, compassionate, and competent leader.

Flourishing—thriving, facilitating meaning, doing what matters, enabling curiosity, being intentional, reflective, and compassionate

Interconnectedness—relationship-building, collaborative, integrated, embracing diversity, equitable, coherent, harmonious

Resilience—customizable, flexible, adaptive, innovative, relevant, ethical, fresh, trusting in emergence

Michigan State University

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