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Combine your passion for the arts with a strong foundation in business skills. A bachelor’s degree in arts and entertainment management from Dean College gives you the tools and experience to launch an exciting career in TV, film, music, producing, dance or theatre management, themed entertainment, event management and beyond.

Goals and Objectives

Every successful venture in arts and entertainment relies on the skills and hard work of management professionals. A bachelor’s degree in arts and entertainment management from Dean College prepares you to play an important role in this exciting field.

Combining creativity with industry savvy, our curriculum fosters your artistic vision while developing your business skills. In addition to studying accounting, economics, finance and marketing, you’ll get a solid grounding in the liberal arts.

The program offers specializations in:

Media Studies
You can also design your own individualized specialization.

The major is an excellent choice if you’re interested in event planning, company management, media, dance and theatre management, theme park management, production management, entertainment operations, or promotions and (production) marketing.


Core Major Requirements

AMGT 111 Introduction to Arts and Entertainment Management
AMGT 112 Theatre, Dance, and Performing Arts Management
AMGT 203 Venue and Facility Management
AMGT 210 Presenting Performing Arts and Touring
AMGT 220 The Business of the Biz
AMGT 305 Principles and Foundations of Not-For-Profit Fundraising
AMGT 317 Arts and Entertainment Law
AMGT 319 Marketing for Arts/Entertainment and Live Events
AMGT 402 Senior Project
AMGT 405 Leading the Organization
AMGT 460 Producing for Broadway and Regional Theatre
ACCT 103 Financial Accounting
BUS 235 Principles of Marketing
BUS 325 Principles of Finance and Budgeting
BUS 337 Organizational Behavior
THA 131 Production and Design l: Stagecraft
THA 132 Production and Design ll: Lighting
DCA 100 Campus Connections: Making the Transition
DCA 110 Career Connections: Developing Your Brand
DCA 200 Internship Connections: Creating Your Plan
DCA 300 The Internship Experience
DCA 350 Future Connections: Launching Your Career
DCA EXPERIENCE ELE Dean Career Advantage Experience Course


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