Arts Administration

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Butler University

Our Arts Administration program is one of the oldest and most comprehensive in the nation. We’re a community of doers, dedicated to supporting the arts by putting audiences in front of artists. Course work combines in-depth study of a chosen art form, or for generalists, study in each artistic discipline, with classes in business, non-profit management, and communications to prepare graduates for the many varied opportunities in a career advocating for the arts. At the heart of the rich arts and cultural community of Indianapolis, we have partnerships and connections with dozens of organizations around the city. Butler is also home to the Butler Arts Collaborative, a group of 5 arts organizations, which include Indianapolis Children’s Choir, Dance Kaleidoscope, American Pianists Association, Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra, and the Indianapolis Symphonic Choir. The community connections enrich the student experience as well as can help to create a tremendous professional network after graduation.

Goals and Objectives

The program combines study in the arts and humanities with concentrations in business and communication. The program is designed to provide all students with a strong undergraduate liberal arts education, a basic understanding of the business world, and comprehensive education in the disciplines of the arts. The arts management course work brings together diverse areas of study into a cohesive philosophy for professional preparation. This program provides educational opportunity and training for students seeking to manage or administer creative endeavors.

Learning Objectives:
To provide comprehensive undergraduate liberal arts education which integrates the arts with business skills.
To prepare students for a career working with a wide variety of artists and non-profit arts organizations.
To offer opportunities for students to learn and develop skills through experimental learning experiences, including internships, practicum, and special projects with small and large arts organizations.


Classroom Experience: 128 credit hours

Core Curriculum: 24 credit hours
University required Core Curriculum

Courses in the Arts: 30 credit hours
Arts courses according to your intended concentration (dance, music, theatre, art, art history, or general--takes classes in all areas)

Courses in Business/Strategic Communication: 22 credit hours
Information Management (Computer Skills)
Strategic Communication
Electives in Business & Strategic Communication including business law, marketing, organizational behavior, graphic design, and more

Courses in Arts Administration: 26 credit hours
Survey of Arts Administration
Principles & Practices of Arts Administration
Marketing the Arts
Fundraising for the Arts
Financial Management for the Arts
Special Topics in Arts Administration
Experiential Learning (mini internships)
Internship in Arts Administration
Arts Administration Independent Study
General Electives: 26 credit hours


When applying to the Jordan College of the Arts as an incoming first year applicant, students are required to follow the standard application process outlined on the Office of Admission website.

Additionally, Arts Administration students are required to complete or submit:

An Arts Administration Supplement including a short paragraph on why you want to major in Arts Administration
An on-campus personal interview; Arts Administration Art applicants are required to submit an art portfolio for faculty review; Arts Administration Music and Arts Administration Theatre applicants are required to complete an interview and an audition
Information on these additional requirements are emailed to prospective students after the Butler Application or Common App is submitted.