Russell Coff

Russell Coff is the Thomas J. Falk Distinguished Chair in Business at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, serving as the Department Chair for Management and Human Resources and the Academic Director of the Bolz Center for Arts Administration. His research explores the role of human assets in innovation, creativity, and, ultimately in competitive advantage. For example, in one study, he explored the role of team-level emotion in generating and selecting creative solutions to challenging problems. Here, he found that, while positive emotions help teams generate more alternatives, these same emotions may actually hurt their ability to select the most creative solution to the problem at hand.

Normally, his creativity is channeled through his research but he also recharges regularly by playing his guitar. He may be the least artistic member of his family but his wife (a writer, artist, and acupuncturist) and daughter (2020 graduate of the UW Theatre & Drama and Physics programs) help him paint with broader strokes.

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