Valerie Ee Zi Yun | Arts Management


When I had chosen to pursue my studies in BA Arts Management at Goldsmiths, what I wanted to gain was a better understanding of the inner workings of the art industry from an international perspective. Looking back, I believe that this degree had fulfilled those intentions.

What I felt was the most beneficial about the course in BA Arts Management was their holistic approach in facilitating both theoretical and practical learnings about the creative and cultural sector. In particular, I really enjoyed being able to explore different practices within the arts, and having the flexibility to cater to my specific areas of interests.

Despite the gloomy outlook of graduating during a pandemic in 2020, I was offered the opportunity to work for the National Arts Council in Singapore within the department of Sector Development (Visual Arts) shortly after I completed my studies. The role deals a lot with cultural policy, grants and programme development – areas in which were covered within the BA Arts Management course and definitely made me feel more prepared for the role.

I can confidently say that my time with the University has been worthwhile and that I am truly grateful for the inspiring friends and lecturers that I have encountered along the way.

Goldsmiths - University of London
New Cross
London SE14 6NW
United Kingdom