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April 3, 2019

by Emma Rose Lewis ’19

Bailey Ford hits the Broadway scene working on the digital team for “Be More Chill.”

Baldwin Wallace does not just produce Broadway stars, it trains students to be professionals behind the scenes of Broadway as well. Arts management and entrepreneurship major Bailey Ford ’20 is no exception. She is already making her mark on the Broadway stage.

Ford is currently working in the industry in New York City as the social media intern for “Be More Chill” — the Broadway show that is garnering a lot traction both in the theatre and on social media. She said that she started with the show by creating the social media accounts specifically for the show.


Bailey Ford with Joe Iconis, composer of “Be More Chill.”

“I remember very distinctly … I was at Joe’s [Iconis] apartment with his wife, Lauren Marcus, … and also George Salazar [plays the part of Michael Mell in ‘Be More Chill’] … and we were all talking about ‘Be More Chill’ and the attention it was getting on social media,” said Ford. Joe Iconis is the composer of the show, and he bluntly told Ford that he did not have the time to run social media for the show so she could do it if she wanted to.

Ford was then connected with Marathon Digital (They run the social media for shows such as “Hamilton” and the new show “Hadestown.”) through “Be More Chill” producer Jennifer Tepper. Throughout the summer of 2018, Ford worked with both Marathon Digital and the off-Broadway show.

Mike Karns, CEO of Marathon Digital, had this to say about Ford’s efforts, “Bailey established what this community was, Bailey established the world in which we would live in the digital space, and so when we came on and started working, it was very clear that she had nailed it, as far as the identification of what this brand wanted to be.”

When it was announced the show would transfer to Broadway, Ford was invited to continue her role with the Broadway team. She now lives in New York City, taking her internship to new heights.

Bailey Ford and Lauren Marcus on the GMA set when “Be More Chill” performed to great acclaim.

“Opening night felt like the most lavish family reunion in the world … It really is a family, and opening was such a celebration of all the hard work and heartache it took for so many people to make it here,” said Ford.


Ford notes that the arts management and entrepreneurship major at BW has taught her a lot. She said that Bryan Bowser, program director, teaches the internship class and “really helps you remember to take stock of what you’re learning as you go along.”

Ford plans to return to campus in the fall to complete her senior year. She said her goal is to move back to New York City and work in social media. “I mean, ideally, I’d follow Joe Iconis around doing social media for all of his shows. I can dream, right?” said Ford.


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