Graduate School of Cultural Policy and Management

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Shizuoka University of Art and Culture

Students choose an area of research specialization and conduct cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary research.
Research Specializations

Arts Management
Focuses on management of non-profit or public arts organizations such as orchestras, theaters, and art museums. As a full member of the AAAE (Association of Arts Administration Educators), we provide a comprehensive arts management program according to international standards.

Support Cultural Industries
Focuses on public policy for creative cultural industries, which includes policy support for non-profit groups and for-profit organizations.

Community Building and Local Governance
Focuses on community building policy, structural reform of local government, and policy evaluation.

Multicultural Coexistance
Focuses on multicultural coexistence and community building, community management (of NPOs, citizen activities, etc.), an

Shizuoka University of Art and Culture

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