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The field of arts management offers a wide range of career opportunities in arts organizations and arts-related businesses. Many students earn a degree in this area with intentions of pursuing graduate study in arts management. The program is ideal for students interested in advocating for the performing and visual arts through administrative, fundraising, marketing and operational roles.

The bachelor of arts in arts management is an interdisciplinary program that combines arts management, business, performing arts and an area of artistic specialization in art, film, music or theatre. The degree prepares students for careers in arts organizations and arts-related businesses, or for graduate study in arts management. Students are required to complete practicums and internships for practical application of the concepts and techniques that they learn in the classroom, culminating in a senior project. Semester internships may be arranged locally, regionally, nationally or internationally. Students must also fulfill the course requirements for a certificate or minor in advertising.

TU’s arts management degree features a curriculum based on nonprofit management objectives while exploring the arts, public administration, financial management, grant writing and advertising theories. Students graduate with foundational knowledge in best practices and methods for managing arts organizations and foundations.

Goals and Objectives

Students will

1. Explain the core business functions and impacts of arts organizations (such as finance, marketing, economic and social development, entrepreneurship, social justice, and technology) in at least one area of the arts and apply their knowledge to new contexts

2. Demonstrate clear, precise written and oral communication as well as interpersonal and professional skills, such as connecting with new networks, informational and professional interviewing, and working with others to realize common goals.


Core Studies -3 practicum -2 internships -Intro to Arts Orgs -Arts Administration I -Arts Administration II -Intro to Spreadsheets -Intro to MIS -Senior Project -Com Systems or Com Media and Pop Culture -PR Cases and Campaigns or Writing for Public Relations credits Required Block Courses -Principles of Econ I -Principles of Econ II Required Minor in Advertising -Graphic Comm I -Photoshop -Principles of Advertising -Advertising Campaigns -Media and Concept Strategy Additional Details -18 credit hours of courses related to their track (visual art, film, music or theatre) -6 credit hours of courses in other artistic disciplines outside their track -8 semesters of arts experience

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