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Arts Administration shapes culture and cultural policy by the strategic development of arts programs, organizations, and creative careers. The Arts Administration program at Elon empowers students to put this integrative knowledge of human care and business tactics into practice. We prepare students for careers in the creative sector with a commitment to connecting art and public life.

Goals and Objectives

Students will prepare for careers in the creative sectors by engaging in experiential learning, developing portfolios, and demonstrating their competence for career trajectories in established fields, new venture creations, and/or further academic pursuits.

Students will understand how business principles are applied to the management of both nonprofit and commercial ventures in the creative sector.

Students will demonstrate critical thinking, cultural competence, group dynamics, and effective communication formats in the field of arts administration.

Students will identify and build connections between the arts and communities through policy research, entrepreneurial analysis, service learning, and advocacy.


The Arts Administration program is comprised of three major components: 1) Arts Administration courses in non-profit and commercial arts management, new venture creation, legal and ethical aspects of arts and entertainment, internships, and capstone projects 2) managerial courses taken from the Love School of Business and the Department of English, and 3) a disciplinary specific concentration taken from Acting, Art, Art History, Dance, Dance Science, Drama & Theatre Studies, Music Education, Music in the Liberal Arts, Music Performance, Music Production and Recording, Music Theatre, or Theatrical Design & Technology. The program could be completed with a minimum of 60 semester hours and a maximum of 66 semester hours: 20 semester hours in the Arts Administration component, 20 semester hours in the Management component, and 20-26 semester hours depending upon the which minor students select.

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