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The M.A. in Arts Administration is a graduate program designed for busy people who want to:

  • learn from national arts leaders
  • develop a strong, national network
  • be inspired by a community of mentors and peers
  • enhance their careers
  • enjoy the flexibility to live and learn from anywhere in the world

Keep your job or change careers while you earn your graduate degree
Limited-residency format
Flexible classes online

Faculty are national leaders working in the arts
Classes are practical and immediately applicable
Personal attention from faculty is unmatched

Establish professional relationships with faculty, guest speakers, and alumni
Work collaboratively and build lifetime connections
Facilitate a career change or enhance your work in theatre, dance, music, museums, arts centers, galleries, colleges, arts advocacy organizations, arts education, and arts service

Designed for those who want to learn while also working full-time
Application requirement: undergrad degree
Structure: Residency on campus for 12 days in July; fall and spring semesters online
Scholarships available

Goals and Objectives

The Master of Arts in Arts Administration (MAAA) program is a low-residency program designed for busy people. Founded in 1998, the MAAA program pioneered the low-residency format (similar to the MBA executive leadership format) to offer arts administrators the opportunity to continue their own work in their own communities while they learned and earned their advanced degree. The 10-day residency each August allows our faculty and students the opportunity to learn together and to build relationships and establish networks and development relationships. In the fall and spring semesters students and faculty attend live classes online and work on their own.

The MAAA program provides working arts administrators

1) an opportunity to continue their professional work while studying with national leaders;

2) prepares students for the entrepreneurial, global, and ever-changing envirnment of today’s arts administrators;

3) enables students to establish networks, build professional relationships, and address real-world issues as they work and learn;

4) engages students in advanced learning that is practical and immediately applicable;

5) offers unprecedented personal attention from national arts leaders.

Our MAAA web-based classes have no more than 12 students per class and our student/faculty ratio is 2/1. Most of the courses are held "live" so students and faculty gather in virtual classrooms for discussion and presentations.

MAAA courses include foundational areas for arts administrators such as Marketing for the Arts, Developing Financial Resources, Leadership Development, Arts and the Law, Grantsmanship, etc. Our specialized electives include Performing Arts Management, Visual Arts / Museum Management, Arts Education, and New Ventures & Entrepreneurship. Believing in the importance of strengthening the ability of arts leaders to work in the global environment, our most recently developed course is International Arts Policy. All of the MAAA faculty members are working professional in arts and cultural organizations throughout the country. These faculty member lead theaters, museums, foundations, arts service organizations, state and local arts councils. For more information about our faculty of national arts leaders please go to our website

You can also examine our schedules and courses at that website as well as application forms and program guidelines.


A total of 43 credits is required to complete the MAAA degree. Most students take three years to complete their degree. The program has 31 required course credits with additional credits selected from among electives. Required courses include Principles of Arts Administration, Leadership & Strategic Thinking, Financial Management for the Arts, Public Policy, Writing for the Arts Administrator, Marketing for the Arts, International Arts Policy, Developing Financial Resources, Law and the Arts, Cultural Ecosystems, Grantsmanship, Independent Study /Research, and Major Paper. Students choose from among electives which include: Managing Performing Arts Organizations, Managing Visual Arts Organizations, New Ventures & Entrepreneurship in the Arts, Arts in Education, and Directed Readings.


Applications are due in early March of each year with entering classes formed in May for a program start in early August. All new students begin the program with the 10-day summer residency with students and faculty. Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university and at least two years of experience in the field of arts administration. To request application materials call 800-697-4646 or email us at [email protected]. Applications are also available online. Contact the MAAA Director, Ramona A. Baker, at [email protected] for questions. Please see for full information.

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Ramona Baker

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