New AAAE Graduate Standards

by Milena Deleva

We are pleased to announce the new revised edition of the Graduate Standards in Arts Administration Education, available for purchase for non-AAAE members & available for FREE via the Membership Portal for AAAE members.

Expect versions in Bulgarian, French, and Korean in the early months of 2024.

Arts administration programs are typically atypical in that they inhabit different colleges, schools, and departments, and vary greatly in their approaches and processes. However, they do share the common purpose of training students to support the activity of artists and arts and cultural organizations.

Graduate Standards in Arts Administration Education represents the latest and best thinking on critical topics in postgraduate education in arts administration, arts management, and cultural management. The standards are designed to provide a menu of subject areas and mastery levels that each program can select and apply to its own context, curriculum, and definitions of student success. Individuals, programs, colleges, and universities use this resource to advance an array of goals, including:

Self-assessment for established programs of their courses, curriculum, and programs
Design and development of new courses, curricula, or programs at the graduate level
Information and background for constituents from other domains or disciplines who may be involved in accreditation, internal or external review, philanthropy, policy, community engagement, or a range of other pursuits
Context and calibration for faculty selection, development, renewal, promotion, or tenure processes

Each subject area underwent rigorous examination by nearly 100 contributors and reviewers who hailed from the academy, and the field of practice. They represented a range of ethnicities, races, knowledge, abilities, and lived experiences. In consequence, each standard contains paths and markers meant to highlight the lived experiences, knowledge, and practices across multiple communities.

Expressed in terms of student outcomes, the subject areas are:

Arts Education

Managing and Leading Arts in Health Programs

Arts Entrepreneurship

Community Engagement

Creative Placemaking

Cultural Policy for Arts Managers

Enterprise Technology

Experiential Learning

Financial Management


Institutional Leadership

International Environment for the Arts

Legal and Ethical Environment for the Arts

Marketing and Audience Development

Production and Distribution of the Arts

Research Methods