Jeannette Guillemin

Jeannette (Jen) Guillemin, (AR 752 – Leadership and Entrepreneurship in the Commercial Performing Arts) is an intrapreneur, arts advocate and serial collaborator. She has mentored thousands of student-artists and has spearheaded many arts initiatives at the BU College of Fine Arts, serving as director of arts leadership and innovation, interim director of the BU School of Visual Arts and as founding director of the BU Visual Arts Summer Institute. Her professional collaborations have led her to teach in prisons and homeless shelters, to create community engaged projects in Boston and to publish research on cultural entrepreneurship and the creative economy. She is the co-founder of Creative Re/Frame, a consultancy focused on innovative practices happening at the intersection of arts, business and social impact. Jeannette holds a BA in English from SUNY Geneseo, an MS in Arts Administration and an EdM in Counseling, both from Boston University. With a diverse background in creative writing, theater, and visual arts, she is a believer in the transformative power of the arts, and has served on several boards, including the Brookline Commission for the Arts and Art Street, Inc.

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