Dr. Yuha Jung

Dr. Yuha Jung is an associate professor and director of graduate studies of Arts Administration at the University of Kentucky. She also is an associate editor for the journal Museum Management and Curatorship and a board member for the Association of Arts Administration Educators.

Dr. Jung’s research interests center around systems theory and cultural diversity in arts and culture organizations. Dr. Jung has published various articles in the following peer-reviewed journals: Journal of Arts Management, Law, and Society, Museum Management and Curatorship, International Journal of the Inclusive Museum, Studies in Art Education, Qualitative Inquiry, and SAGE Research Methods Cases. More recently, she co-edited a book entitled, Systems Thinking in Museums: Theory and Practice. She is currently working on a new monograph with a working title, Transforming Museum Management: Using Evidence-Based Systems Thinking for Change. She continues to be an active participant in national and international academic and professional discussions through her presentations and publications.

She holds a BFA in painting from Yeungnam University in South Korea, an MA in Museum Studies from Syracuse University, an MPA from University of Georgia, and a PhD in Art Education from the Pennsylvania State University with an emphasis on museum education and management. While working on her PhD at Penn State, she managed a teaching gallery, Edwin W. Zoller Gallery, where she coordinated with university units, faculty members, students, and artists.

A former painter for many years, Dr. Jung now uses textiles as her art-making medium and values traditional art-making and crafts of sewing and knitting. She especially enjoys constructing garments such as jackets, coats, and dresses.

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