Cross-Exposure Series

by Milena Deleva

AAAE is excited to announce the Cross-Exposure Series, presented by the AAAE Mentorship Program group. Please see the details for each event listed below.

Art & Creative Placemaking
October 17, 2023
6:00pm EST

Co-Curated by: Gillian Kim, Dr. José Maldonado (AAAE Mentees)
Presenter(s): Dr. Javier Hernandez Acosta

Javier Hernández Acosta will present a general context of cultural production in Puerto Rico and its link with the urban and economic development of the country, especially within the scenario of the metro area. The presentation will focus on the community of Santurce as an example of the role of arts and culture in the multiple dimensions of daily life, exploring both the advantages and disadvantages of creative practices within the community.


Art & Social Justice
November 3, 2023
10:00am EST

Co-Curated by: Rica Estrada, Dr. Youngaah Koh, Dr. Divya Janardhan, Benjamin E. Hoffman (AAAE Mentees)
Presenter(s): Dr. Wanda Knight and Quanice Floyd

Event description coming soon!

Arts & Health
December 4, 2023
11:00am EST

Co-Curated by: Hannah Kolb, Vincent Maluwa (AAAE Mentees)
Presenter(s): Dr. Patricia Lambert, National Organization for Arts and Health

Event description: Instrumental benefits of the arts contribute to a wide array of fields, including health. Indeed, arts organizations around the world are increasingly being asked to enhance health and well-being through programs developed in diverse institutional and community contexts. The arts are used as an instrument to support health by enhancing the healthcare experience, providing patient care, caring for caregivers, improving health sciences education, and contributing to public health. But how can professional arts leaders design, implement, and evaluate arts programs intended to achieve explicit health benefits? This presentation describes the intersection of the arts administration field and the arts in health field. The talk will show how using the logic model for strategic program design can work effectively in developing arts programs for concrete, measurable, and attainable health and well-being outcomes.

Arts & Environment
December 7, 2023
6:00pm EST

Co-Curated by: Erica Cheung (AAAE Mentee), Milena Deleva (AAAE Executive Director)
Presenter(s): Aaron Ambroso & Tiffany Jin (TBC), Houston Climate Justice Museum

Event description: The conversation will illuminate the conceptual origins of the Houston Climate Justice Museum and Cultural Center (HCJM), offer specific examples of its work, and provide practical advice tailored to arts administrators and educators. It aims to explore how to establish an institution like HCJM, how to curate works that tackle challenging topics, and how to engage audiences resistant to conversations surrounding the climate crisis, to name a few.