Zandile Dumas | MA Social Entrepreneurship


Subsequent to consulting in South Africa’s public sector for 10 years, I wanted to deepen my knowledge in social innovation and chose Goldsmiths’ MA in Social Entrepreneurship with a keen interest in a sociology based Masters as we face a triple challenge of deepening inequality, increasing unemployment and chronic poverty and concomitant psychological, physical, spiritual and emotional trauma. Additionally, to its global ranking in sociology, Goldsmiths is renowned for its arts and creativity and for me creativity is synonymous with innovation regardless the discipline.

Goldsmiths exceeded my expectations, collectively; the ICCE department, lecturers and fellow students felt like I had a social value dream team in my back pocket holistically enriching my learning experience, particularly as an international student far removed from my traditional support systems.

The MA gave me the insight into our systemic socio-economic challenges and encouraged the exploration of systemic socially innovative solutions which led me to the curiosity and subsequent advocacy for Indigenous Knowledge Systems as a source of socially innovative, inclusive and sustainable development.

Additionally, reflecting in hindsight, IKS is essentially at the core and an amalgamation of my passions, purpose, experience and identity and this aligned learning experience is indicative of the ICCE department’s intuitive, collaborative and aspirational approach to education. I have returned home, enthusiastic to contribute to the IKS led development narrative. I highly recommend Goldsmiths, the ICCE department’s commitment and contribution to its students continues well after graduation.

Following a referral from Professor Richard Hull, I have been awarded a research grant from the University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business to explore the intersection between entrepreneurship and Indigenous Knowledge System in townships as part of their MPHIL in Inclusive Innovation programme. Building on the knowledge from the MA, my vision is to contribute to the design of ecosystems that support the demand and supply of IKS products and services and build its capabilities to subsequently impact the country’s triple challenge of poverty, unemployment and inequality.

Goldsmiths - University of London
New Cross
London SE14 6NW
United Kingdom