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Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts

Wolftrap Internships & Apprenticeships

Fostering the next generation of arts leaders Wolf Trap internships and apprenticeships give budding professionals a competitive edge—whether they seek jobs in the arts or any other field. Employers are looking for college graduates who can hit the ground running—those who don’t need training in basic workplace skills, like inter-office communications and coordinating multiple projects. Wolf Trap internships and apprenticeships provide these fundamental skills, as well as...

Professional Certificate

Yale School of Drama

Yale School of Drama

Theater Management

The Theater Management department prepares aspiring managerial and artistic leaders to create organizational environments conducive to the production of theater and responsive to their communities. The department provides students with the knowledge, skills, and values to enter the field at high levels of responsibility, to move quickly to leadership positions, and ultimately to advance the state of management practice and the art form itself. While focused primarily on theater organizations,...


York University Schulich School of Business

Arts, Media & Entertainment Management

Canada’s only MBA with a specialization in Arts, Media & Entertainment Management equips graduates with the analytical, innovative problem solving and discussion making sills required to meet the challenges facing managers in an age of constant disruption.