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Bachelor of Arts in Arts Management

The Arts Management major is designed for students planning a career in arts and cultural institutions, arts councils and agencies, or in for-profit arts organizations. The program prepares students professionally through several areas of study: cultural policy, or as agents in public or government support systems for the arts; arts administration, or as leaders and managers in nonprofit presenting and performing organizations; and in arts entrepreneurship, or as individual proprietors of for-profit art organizations. All graduates of the Arts Management program receive a bachelor’s degree or BA.

Goals and Objectives

Through the arts management major, students will understand the issues, problems and policy interventions impacting the contemporary arts and cultural industries; develop business and managerial skills for professional decision making in arts and cultural organizations; and practice creative and critical thinking, opportunity recognition and innovation in various arts and cultural environments. Students will also understand the professional role and responsibilities of successful creative individuals in contemporary society.


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Students may declare the Arts Management major as long as they have a 2.00 GPA and have completed their pre-requisite coursework.

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