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Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Creative Arts and Culture

The Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Creative Arts and Culture [BA(CAC)] is the first undergraduate programme in Hong Kong to offer arts management and cultural studies components to complement discipline-based training in the creative arts. It aims to develop community-based artists, who are able to work across a range of established art forms and contribute to the promotion and development of the arts and arts education in the local, regional, and international cultural and creative industries. The significance of developing our students as community-based artist (CBA) is twofold. First, the programme aims to nurture graduates who are artistically and culturally cognizant, i.e. possessing the ability to appreciate the artistic expressions of different cultures. These graduates are expected to commit themselves to developing and promoting the Arts across different contexts and settings. In addition to this commitment, our graduates are expected to apply the knowledge, skills and understandings gained from the programme to help make the Arts more accessible and welcomed in their own communities. With their own strengths and expertise, each graduate will contribute as a CBA in their own unique way.

Goals and Objectives

The BA(CAC) students are expected to:
(a) demonstrate a working knowledge and understanding of the historical, social, economic and cultural contexts of arts in Hong Kong and its neighbouring regions, including relevant theories, analyses and criticisms, and practice of arts production;
(b) apply acquired knowledge, skills and technologies to promote and develop the arts in local and global contexts;
(c) demonstrate the ability to organise and manage arts and cultural events;
(d) demonstrate the ability to make informed and reasoned responses in addressing issues related to the arts in society; and
(e) articulate via oral, visual and written communication means, well-developed analyses and criticisms of the arts, arts production, promotion and dissemination.


The BA(CAC) is a four-year full-time programme that includes 121 credit points. The programme offers students a total learning experience which includes Major, Regional Summer Institute, Internship, General Education, Final Year Project (Honours Project/Capstone Project), Electives (including Minor or Free Electives) and Language Enhancement to enable our students to acquire the broad-based knowledge and skills for interdisciplinary studies.
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