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Arts & Entertainment Management

The Bachelor of Science in integrative studies arts and entertainment management concentration is a degree intended for those interested in a career on the business side of the arts. Agents, bookers, producers, managers and marketers provide the structure in which the arts can thrive, whether in a theatre setting, a concert venue, museum or gallery and is the fastest growing area in the arts both in the commercial and not-for-profit sectors. The program requires foundation studies in an arts area of the student’s interest as well as a full range of business studies and practical experience in an internship. This program is offered only at the Clarion campus.

Goals and Objectives

After successfully completing this program, students will be able to:
1. Communicate effectively and clearly the role and influence of the Arts in society
2. Demonstrate an understanding of the social, economic political and technological contexts
of arts management
3. Demonstrate an understanding of ethical and legal issues surrounding the arts and arts
4. Demonstrate an understanding of financial data and use data to inform management
5. Work within and communicate effectively within varied organizational structures to achieve
managerial and organizational goals
6. Apply market based theories to develop effective marketing, fundraising and audience
development strategies
7. Use available tools and resources to problem solve critical and varied issues related to arts
8. Demonstrate leadership in the arts

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