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Rider’s Arts & Entertainment Industries Management (AEIM) program prepares students for a dynamic career in the ever-growing fields of arts & entertainment, blending their creative passion with the business know-how and theoretical context that makes them sought-after managers & effective leaders. Rider’s AEIM program lays the groundwork for them to explore thousands of opportunities for satisfying & rewarding careers – whether in the growing nonprofit arts sector or for-profit entertainment – through a vision-centric, practice-focused curriculum, seasoned professional faculty, high-level networking opportunities and practical learning experiences. Rider encourages students to AEIM high and dream BIG.

Goals and Objectives

Rider's AEIM Program will graduate arts leaders who employ knowledge, experience & emotional awareness gained here in:
1. Crafting, & engaging others around Vision and sound Mission as foundations of effective institution-building, leadership, creative output and advocacy...
2. Deeply understanding & integrating systems & approaches which, compelled by vision, catalyze effective planning, dynamic leadership and impactful programming...
3. Contextualizing pivotal historical & contemporary political, social and economic touchpoints as context for grounded choices & actions...
4. Engaging research and analysis to identify and motivate current and future arts stakeholders toward long-term sustainability and growth of institutions and the sector as a whole.
5. Advocating on behalf of arts, entertainment & culture as agents of change in the lives of individuals and communities and across traditional dividing lines.
6. Synthesizing contemporary approaches, tools and best practices to articulate, plan for and deliver meaningfully, thoughtfully and purposefully in service to themselves, to the field and the institutions they serve.


AEIM's curriculum is designed to deliver:
A. CORE industry-wide foundational aspects of arts & entertainment management applicable to both the for and not-for-profit sectors including: Legal Aspects, Marketing & Communications, Fund Development, Venue Management, Events & Festivals Management and New York Networking, among others. Curricular

B. PATHS are selected in either For Profit (including, for example, Licensing & Distribution, Commerce & Merchandise, Talent Management and Deal-making) or Not-for-Profit (including Outreach & Education, Production or Gallery Management, Arts Discipline-specific histories & art-making coursework).

C. EMPHASES (including Music Industry, Commercial or noncommercial Theatre, Dance, Sports Entertainment and more) drill down further into the particular areas of focus the student chooses to pursue.


Interviews and on-campus visits are encouraged though not required for admission. Admissions requirements can be reviewed by visiting our website

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