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Arts and Cultural Managment

The mission of the Arts and Cultural Management (ACM) graduate program is to build on Pratt Institute’s international reputation for developing creative leaders. Our program mission is to develop leaders able to use their creativity strategically to foster creative expression, build creative community, and shape a commerce of ideas and images in an increasingly mediated world. The program is designed to emphasize the importance of cultivating creative capital by bridging the “three C’s”: culture, community, and commerce. ACM program participants actively examine how to use the creative arts to develop and sustain thriving cultures and create prosperity.

Goals and Objectives

- Apply theory to practice to develop and sustain thriving cultures and create prosperity.
- Demonstrate the power of collaborative practice to foster creative expression, build creative community and shape a commerce of ideas, artifacts, images, and experiences.
- Evidence the value of cultural leadership and the importance of cultural capital in shaping the 21st century.


Program curriculum:
Semester 1
ACM-625 Leadership and Team Building
ACM-627 Management Communications
ACM-631 Behavioral Simulation
ACM-641 Management of Arts and Cultural Organizations
ACM-645 Art in the Urban Environment

Semester 2
ACM-623 Financial Planning and Budget Management
ACM-624 Arts and Cultural Education
ACM-632 Organizational Behavior
ACM-642 Nonprofit Law and Governance

Semester 3
ACM-626 Managing Innovation and Change
ACM-633 Negotiation
ACM-646 External Relations
ACM-652 Directed Research
ACM-664A Capstone Planning: Advisement

Semester 4
ACM-625 Strategic Marketing
ACM-627 Fundraising for Arts and Culture
ACM-631 Art, Culture, and Social Policy
ACM-641 Strategic Technology

Semester 5
ACM-625 Advertising and Promotion
ACM-627 Cultural Pluralism: Designing Cultures of Inclusion
ACM-631 Finances and Financial Reporting for Nonprofit Managers
ACM-641 Shaping the 21st Century: Integrative Capstone
ACM-645 Managerial Decision-Making
ACM-643 Intellectual Property Law


A rts and Cultural Management M.P.S. (Fall only), Manhattan campus
Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited U.S. institution or an international institution of acceptable standards. Applicants must demonstrate experience and interest in applying the arts to shaping our shared world. The program provides the strategic leadership skills to enable participants to manage, market, innovate, resource and run creative enterprise and to use the arts to connect culture, community and commerce. The required statement of purpose should reflect the applicant's personal vision of how this program fits in with his/her personal and professional goals including how the applicant hopes to use the skills he/she acquires in this program. The statement of purpose should be no more than 500 words or two pages. A TOEFL score of 82 Internet (IELTS of 6.5) is required of international students. The GMAT is optional and not required.

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