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Arts Administration Minor

As arts organizations become increasingly complex, they will demand knowledgeable, skilled individuals who possess:

Designed primarily, but not exclusively, for students in the performing and visual arts, the minor in Arts Administration will complement student’s training as artists, teachers, and practitioners, and help lay the foundation for their future participation in arts organizations either as leaders or as participants and supporters.

Goals and Objectives

It will...

- Provide skilled individuals for the expanding arts/nonprofit sector whose increasingly complex institutions demand higher levels of sophistication and knowledge from their administrators.
- Promote the interdisciplinary nature of the arts and sciences.
- Encourage students to learn as they work and work as they learn. Through experiential learning opportunities, students will combine academic coursework and hands-on, relevant extra-curricular opportunities on campus and in the community to become qualified to work in such areas as marketing, fundraising, operations, and general arts management.
- Build relevant, transferable management and leadership skills for social service agencies, educational institutions, commercial arts industries, and other for-profit and non-profit organizations.
- Expose students to issues of arts policy, cultural management, emerging technologies, and leadership and organizational development.


Program Requirements
B.A. Minor - Arts Administration (AAD)

24-27 S.H.

Required AAD Courses (9 S.H.)

301 The Arts Organization (3)
302 Introduction to Arts Administration (3)
303 Independent Study (3)
Required College of Liberal Arts Courses (3-6 S.H.)

Students majoring or minoring in one of the visual or performing arts (Art, Music, Theatre, and Dance) will successfully complete one introductory performing or visual arts course, in a discipline other than their major or minor, from the list below. Students not majoring or minoring in one of the visual or performing arts will successfully complete two courses in the visual or performing arts, but in separate disciplines. Substitutions will be permitted only with permission of the Arts Administration Program Director.

ART 109 Introduction to Art (3)
ART 110 Experiencing Art (3)
MUS 109 Introduction to Music (3)
MUS 120 Introduction to Music Theory (3)
THAD 111 Theatre Appreciation (3)
THAD 115 Dance Appreciation (3)
Required College of Business Courses (12 S.H.)

ACCT 211 Financial Accounting Principles (3)
BUSA 291 Legal Environment of Business (3)
MKTG 300 Principles of Marketing (3)
MGMT 315 Principles of Management (3)
MGMT 325 Organizational Dynamics (3)
Note: Pass/No Credit (P/NC) Courses

Students must take all courses in the minor on a grade-only basis.

AAD Course Descriptions

301 - The Arts Organization (3 S.H.) This seminar course will present a historic overview of arts and other nonprofit organizations in the United States, and explore current issues and emerging trends in technology, arts, and cultural policy, intellectual property rights, career development in the arts sector, and the challenges facing administrative leaders of arts and cultural organizations. Prerequisite: This course is intended for students pursuing a minor in Arts Administration. Others may enroll with approval from the instructor.

302 - Introduction to Arts Administration (3 S.H.) This course will introduce students to the practical skills required for the successful management of arts organizations. Areas covered will include budgeting, marketing/publicity, fundraising, audience development, analysis of financial statements, contracts, board governance, and issues associated with the founding of a nonprofit organization. Prerequisite: This course is intended for students pursuing a minor in Arts Administration. Others may enroll with approval from the instructor. Students pursuing a minor in Arts Administration must have successfully completed AAD 301.

303 - Independent Study (3 S.H.) During this experiential learning course, students will be assigned to work with a local arts organization or on a project in support of one of WSU's visual or performing arts departments. Applying knowledge gained from their coursework, students will receive hands-on experience in such areas as marketing/publicity, budgeting, fundraising, audience development, and other areas critical to leaders of arts organizations. Prerequisite: Successful completion of AAD 301 and AAD 302.

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