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The Xavier Arts Administration Program (XAAP) minor consists of five three-credit hour classes, totaling fifteen credit hours to complete. No prerequisite courses are required. Students with a XAAP minor learn skills in not-for-profit arts leadership, artistic programming, oral communication, diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility (DEIA) concepts, not-for-profit financial planning, not-for-profit fundraising and grant writing, arts marketing and digital ticketing systems.

Goals and Objectives

The mission of the Xavier Arts Administration Program (XAAP) minor is to teach students how to carry out administrative responsibilities in diverse arts organizations.


ARTS 130: Intro to Arts Administration introduces students to the historical development of the arts administration field, best practices for managing not-for-profit arts organizations, and contemporary issues. To facilitate student learning, students will visit local not-for-profit arts organizations and consider perspectives from diverse arts administrators in the field.

ARTS 230: Financial Planning in the Arts helps students develop the ability to analyze, interpret and utilize financial data to make informed financial decisions for diverse arts organizations.

ARTS 330: Arts Marketing & Ticketing helps students develop knowledge and skills useful for building arts audiences and communicating the value of arts-based experiences to diverse stakeholders and arts consumers. In addition, students develop foundational knowledge and basic skills for operating and managing industry standard ticketing software for performing arts organizations.

ARTS 331: Fundraising for Arts Organizations helps students develop foundational knowledge and skills useful for fundraising and development planning for not-for-profit arts organizations.

ORAL COMM 101: Oral Communication is designed to enhance students' understanding of the principles and practices of oral communication through preparation, delivery, and constructive feedback to and from others.


For information on program admissions, please forward questions to Terri Yontz (Administrative Assistant) at [email protected].

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