AAAE-AJAM Conference Issue

AAAE-AJAM Conference Issue 

The American Journal of Arts Management will publish a focal issue featuring a selection of AAAE’s conference proceedings. The opportunity is open to all accepted conference presenters regardless of their membership status and geographic location. If you would like to be considered for this special issue, please indicate so on the conference submission form.

About AJAM

AJAM is a peer-reviewed e-publication committed to publishing subjects of current interest in the field of arts management and its pedagogy for the benefit of arts leaders and managers, educators, and students. The journal specializes in the U.S. non-profit performing arts industry but for this specific focal issue, the editors will accept international submissions if they fall in the areas of interest, which include non-profit arts management, governance and leadership, advocacy, community-based arts management, marketing and audience development, fundraising, financial management, the history of arts management, and the teaching of arts management, including case studies. Exceptions will be made for papers tackling arts administration issues in for profit context if they demonstrate exceptional quality and high relevance to the conference theme. Contributions may focus on arts management theory, practice, pedagogy or any combination.

Eligibility & Guidelines:

+ Only proposals, accepted to the conference will be considered for the issue

+ Individual and collective submissions are eligible

+ Non-members and members are eligible

+ Although AJAM specializes in U.S. non-profit arts management, for this focal issue, the editorial will consider contributions tackling international and for-profit/commercial issues

+ Contributions in translation are acceptable but translation and publication rights are author’s responsibility

+ To be considered for the AAAE-AJAM issue, please check the relevant box on the conference submission form

+ After the conference, candidates will be expected to submit completed papers for a two-tier review process that adheres to AJAM’s submission policy, and meets the following time-line:

               o Deadline for submissions: 30 July 2023

               o Peer review: September – October 2023

              o Pub date: November 2023