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A Partnership of AAAE and the Wallace Foundation

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Ballet Austin

Through a multi-year partnership, AAAE and The Wallace Foundation have developed higher education accompaniments to the Foundation’s audience development research.

The Wallace Foundation has made it possible for a variety of arts organizations to experiment with diversifying their current audience mix; converting people who are inclined to attend, but don’t, into attendees; getting current audience members to attend more often, and more. These transformative explorations, captured in a series of case studies available in the Wallace Foundation Knowledge Center, provide great benefit to the arts administration classroom.

In a series of multimedia projects, AAAE has created content that facilitates the utilization of Wallace’s resources in the classroom. As arts organizations create change through data-driven strategy, students in AAAE programs can build their own professional foundations informed by the work made possible by The Wallace Foundation.

Case Study Guides

A collection of free downloadable PDFs developed by AAAE to facilitate using Wallace cases in the higher education classroom.

Cultivating the Next Generation of Art Lovers Cultivating the Next Generation of Art Lovers
How Boston Lyric Opera Sought to Create Greater Opportunities for Families to Attend Opera

Building Deeper Relationships Building Deeper Relationships
How Steppenwolf Theatre Company is Turning Single-Ticket Buyers into Repeat Visitors

Converting Family Into Fans Converting Family Into Fans
How the Contemporary Jewish Museum Expanded Its Reach

Attracting An Elusive Audience Attracting An Elusive Audience
How the San Francisco Girls Chorus is Breaking Down Stereotypes and Generating Interest Among Classical Music Patrons

Someone Who Speaks Their Language Someone Who Speaks Their Language
How a Nontraditional Partner Brought New Audiences to Minnesota Opera

Getting Past “It’s Not For People Like Us” Getting Past “It’s Not For People Like Us”
Pacific Northwest Ballet Builds a Following with Teens and Young Adults

Staying Relevant in a Changing Neighborhood Staying Relevant in a Changing Neighborhood
How Fleisher Art Memorial is Adapting to Shifting Community Demographics

Opening New Doors: Hands-on Participation Brings a New Audience to The Clay Studio Opening New Doors: Hands-on Participation Brings a New Audience to The Clay Studio
How The Clay Studio, a ceramic-arts studio, gallery and shop in Philadelphia, attracted younger audiences to its workshops and exhibits.

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Multimedia Resources

Over the past three years, AAAE member organizations have hosted student forums across the country with Wallace-supported organizations in the process of reimagining their approaches to audience development. At Seattle University, students heard from the Pacific Northwest Ballet. At the University of Michigan, the University Music Society presented to students from several area AAAE member schools on their research. These candid conversations with industry leaders allowed students to see “behind the curtain” as audience development work took place in real time. Special thanks to Seattle University, DePaul University, Drexel University, The University of Minnesota, The University of Michigan, and Eastern Michigan University for their participation in these events. Archives of select events are available below: